Commercial Street

When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and i need to do it again.

Everytime I do the shopping I feel the same. Shopping makes me happy, actually, super happy. Leaving Mumbai and coming to Bangalore was a great pain. I would compare each and everything between Bangalore and Mumbai, and make myself feel sad. Initial few days went in comparison. But then slowly I started accepting this place too. Yes! Because life has to move on (*the cliche dialogue*).  I missed Mumbai for anything and everything (this will be covered probably in my next post).

Here, in Bangalore, the first question asked from an outsider (female) is “Have you been to commercial street?” After being asked by many people (including colleagues, friends, acquaintances), I decided to visit this so called *street*. Since I was just few days old in the city, I asked one of my college friends, Smita (the one with whom I went to Marine drive in Mumbai, yes yes she is in Bangalore 😀 ) to take me there. As being a good friend of mine, she fulfilled my wish and took me to the commercial street. But, that day I couldn’t enjoy my visit to this *street*.

For a shopaholic like me, fancy stores never attracts me. It has to be either online shopping or the roadside market or anything of mom dad’s choice (trust me their choices are better than mine 🙂 ). Next time I went with a colleague-turned-goodfriend. But we were so tired that it was like a walk rather than shopping/window shopping. Few days (actually months) later I got a chance to visit this *street* again, this time with my roommate and her cousin (who had come from chennai during flood).

So we started our journey in a non-ac bus. We spent 2 hrs in bus standing because we didn’t get any seat. But none of us were tired as we were excited for shopping ❤ . Finally we reached our destination. We started our shopping with earrings. I love earrings whether it  be earstuds or jhumkaas. The one thing about shopping is one should know how to bargain and the irony is I don’t know the bargaining part. We went to the next shop. It had bangles, all kind of bangles. I love bangles (specially glass bangles) but not in my hands. I can spend a whole day in a bangle shop if all the bangles are made up of kaanch (glass). But the shop I had been to had metal bangles and wooden bangles. Such bangles doesn’t attract me at all. My roommate and her cousin bought bangles. I was just looking at the bangles.

Since it’s christmas time, shops were decorated with christmas bells, wind chimes having christmas bells, christmas tree, and what not. All of us stood in front of a shop having all these stuff. Christmas has always been special and dreamy for me. Special because I remember watching “The Polar Express” every christmas eve with darling sister. Even now, we make sure that we watch that movie every christmas eve. I wish to live that movie every time I watch it.

Anyway, coming back from my special and dreamy part of christmas, me and my roommate decided to decorate our room. From there , we went to another shop. It was for handbags. We all bought sexy handbags for ourselves. We did nice bargaining (the two sisters did bargaining for me as well).

All these shopping/window shopping were tiring and we wanted to stuff our stomach with something nice. We encountered one shop “Chetti’s Corner“. They had good snacks. We were attracted towards the “twistato“. I had never heard of this. All of us wanted to try this twistato. It’s nothing but fried twisted potato. And it was yummy.

While returning we encountered one temple near St. Mary’s Basilica. I like the architecture of the temples here in south. They have small idols over the temple. After all the shopping and wandering, we came back to our room, tired and tired and tired. But, over all, I had a nice time after a long time.

P.S: This post is my experience of commercial street and not what to buy and not to buy also, where to buy and where not. All pics have been clicked by me, copyright reserved.