Marine Drive

Marine drive happens to be my favourite place in Mumbai. My first visit to marine drive was in the year 2011, Dec 22nd. I had been there with bhaiya and his best friend Rohit bhaiya. Both of them were busy talking and I was getting bored. I could not enjoy the beauty of marine drive that day because it was dark and i couldn’t see the water. I wanted to get down and put my legs in the water. But bhaiya didn’t allow me :-|.
Second time I visited this place with my college friend Smita in the year 2012, Dec 24th. Smita and I were not great friends back in college. Now we are good friends but still not great friends 🙂 So Smita came mumbai to visit his uncle. And so we met. She asked me to take her to marine drive. Last time I had been to marine drive was exactly a year ago. So I was confident enough to take her to marine drive. But then I didn’t remember which station we had to get down at. I was trying to recall which station we got down last year for marine drive. Okay I know for someone who is living in mumbai, it shouldn’t be a big deal. But it was for me as I was just seven months old in mumbai. Anyway, we (Smita and I) took the local from Goregaon. We were talking and gossiping in the train. And we got down at the station called “Marine lines”. I thought this is the place where marine drive is and obviously I was wrong. To go marine drive one has to get down at churchgate and from there one can walk or take taxi. We came out of the local station and we could see the sea. And so I assumed it to be Marine drive. But then that’s not where we ended up. I wanted to take her to Nariman point, exactly the same place where bhaiya took me last year. But we could hardly see Nariman point so we started walking. Yes we did! And we walked some 3 kms in search of Nariman point :-P. It took us some 30 mins to reach the destination and by the time we reached there we were tired. Both of us were happy to be there. We got down, she started playing with water, we asked one of the guy to click us. We were there for an hour and then we came back.
Third time I visited this place with my grad friend Ankita. This time I made sure I get down at right station and I don’t repeat the same mistake. 🙂

Marine Drive #myclick

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

I always wanted to see the sea-link but didn’t get the chance. So one fine day I decided to go Bandstand to see Bandra-Worli sea link  (
Wanted to see if the sea link was actually beautiful or the photographers have made it look so. Trust me it is beautiful. While going towards the sea-link I saw many couples on my way, some were sitting under the trees while some were sitting on the benches. I was wondering why so much crowd, then I realised it was Valentine’s Day and everything became quite obvious. While returning home I treated myself with brownie at Theobroma. It was a date with self!

Bandra-Worli Sea Link #myclick