In this pandemic situation, i am trying to buy only the basic items. Rest i am trying to make everything at home. I am not a cook but then friends and family are always there to help me with the recipe. As we all know that there is a complete lockdown in Bangalore, this means all the shop should be closed after 12 in the noon. The bakery from where i used to buy fresh and hot bread, buns and other items is closed in this lockdown. It’s not even open in the permitted operating hours. So this Saturday i decided to bake bun at home.

Below is the photo of the bun baked by me. If you find it interesting then go ahead and check out the recipe.


Time to Prepare: 2 hours


  1. White flour (Maida) (1 cup)
  2. Active Dry Yeast (1 tbsp)
  3. Sugar (1 tbsp)
  4. Milk (3/4 cup)
  5. Butter
  6. Milk powder (1 small sachet – 10 gm)

How to Prepare:

  1. Take luke warm milk in a bowl, add sugar and yeast in it. Mix it well and keep it aside till the time yeast gets activated.
  2. In another bowl, sieve maida and milk powder. (This is done so that we don’t get any lumps.)
  3. Now put maida and milk powder mixture in the bowl containing activated yeast.
  4. Make dough with the mixture.
  5. The dough will be very sticky. Add butter in the dough. (No need to melt the butter.)
  6. After adding butter, the dough will not be sticky.
  7. Tuck the dough from below so that there is no crack or mark on the top side of the dough.
  8. Cover the bowl having dough with a plastic. And keep it aside for at least an hour.
  9. After an hour, you will notice the dough has risen and it is now double the actual size.
  10. Remove the plastic wrap, and punch the dough.
  11. Again start kneading the dough till the time all the air doesn’t comes out.
  12. Make the small buns from the dough and keep it in a greased tray.
  13. Make sure, there is no crack on the bun.
  14. Keep a wet muslin cloth over the tray having buns for 20 mins.
  15. Meanwhile, put the microwave to preheat at 180 deg for 30 mins.
  16. After 20 mins, remove the muslin cloth and brush milk on the buns. (Milk has to be at room temperature)
  17. By this time, microwave must have been preheated.
  18. Put the tray in the microwave and bake it at 180 deg for 30 mins.
  19. After 30 mins, take out the tray and the buns are ready.
  20. Grease the buns with butter and allow it to cool down.
  21. Enjoy your bun!

Do let me know in the comments how did you like the recipe and if you tried.

Next Monday i’ll be back with a new recipe. 🙂

Stuffed Capsicum/Bell pepper

I am a person who likes capsicum for salad and not in vegetable curry. But then i thought of trying something different and saw this online. Stuffed capsicum can be made in different ways, here i am sharing my recipe.

Clicked by Kashyapnimisha

Time to prepare: 30-45 mins


  1. Boiled potato
  2. Capsicum
  3. Chopped Onion
  4. Chopped Green chilly
  5. Cumin
  6. Ginger-Garlic paste
  7. Oil
  8. Turmeric powder
  9. Red chilly powder
  10. Cumin powder
  11. Coriander powder
  12. Salt

How to Prepare:

  1. Take a pan, put some oil in it and wait for it to heat.
  2. Put cumin seed in the hot oil.
  3. Add chopped onion and green chilly to the pan. Sauté it well.
  4. When the onion turns light brown in colour then add some ginger garlic paste.
  5. Once the raw smell of ginger garlic paste is gone, add turmeric powder, red chilly powder, cumin powder and coriander powder. Mix it well.
  6. Once it gets mixed well, add mashed boiled potato in it.
  7. Cook it in the pan till the potato starts turning light brown.
  8. Keep the mixture aside.
  9. Now, cut the top part of the capsicum. Clean the capsicum from inside.
  10. Cut the base of the capsicum so that it can stand properly. [Note: Do not cut the base too much or else there will be hole at the bottom and the filling will come out of that]
  11. Stuff the capsicum with the mixture and cover it with its top portion.
  12. Attach the top portion with the help of toothpick.
  13. Take a little deep pan and put some oil in it. Why deep pan ?? Because we dont want our capsicum to compromise when its in standing position 😀
  14. Put the stuffed capsicum in the pan.
  15. Be careful when you add capsicum, as the oil may spill out of the pan. Cover the pan with a lid once the capsicum is added in it.
  16. Keep changing the sides of capsicum from time to time with the help of a kitchen tong.
  17. Once the capsicum is cooked from all the sides, turn off the gas.
  18. Serve it hot.


  1. This can be eaten in main course or as a snack. I had it in main course.
  2. Cook on low to medium flame. 
  3. I have not added how much tablespoon what because these things vary from person to person. If you still need the exact amount of what has been added, then please mention in comment. 

Do let me know how did you like the recipe and how did you prepare.