Coloured Mandala

Art by kashyapnimisha

I have been learning mandala art for the last one month. This is my latest mandala art. It does not look a perfect circle, but trust me i made it with a compass. This distorted look of the circle is because of the notebook. Anyway, mostly mandalas are made in black and white (at least on papers), but here i have tried a coloured one. I will keep posting more of my mandala work here. Stay tuned.

World Photography Day

I know its a pretty late post for “World Photography Day”. Here I am, sharing my world with the world. Thanks to family and friends who have always inspired me. Special mention to these, Rajashree (whom i call Raja), Sobhana, Anitesh (who loves being called as Ani), Nishant (my childhood friend from Gujarat) and Anshul (whom I call PanDAY). Anshul has promised me to give his camera. This post is dedicated to the people who have inspired me for photography.

I have learned a lot from Raja, personally as well as professionally. Raja happens to be my ex colleague, now a very dear friend of mine. I remember when she bought her Nikon camera in the year 2014. She was so excited. Till that time I was happy with my phone and its camera. She was the one who explained me in and out of a camera. I was too naive in the field of photography, i still am. She introduced me to the world of .raw and Lightroom.

I met Sobhana through a common friend and we became friends. Sobhana’s into photography since 2013. We have done lots of photography activity together. We did our common friend’s pre wedding photoshoot in three stages, first in a park during evening time, second near a lake early morning and third at her home with fairy lights. We went on a trip to Kodaikanal. And we were just discussing about the photos and angles. We would click photo and show to each other, would discuss about the clicked photo and would go back to click again. We attended maternity photoshoot workshop together, which was a great learning.

Ani and Nishant are my school friends my Gujarat and Jharkhand. Ani was into IT but from the past few years he moved into full time wedding photography. He shares his stories from wedding photoshoots and also gives me ideas about photpgraphy. Nishant is in banking sector and lives in USA. He keeps asking me why you dont click so and so type of photos. He infact gifted me Canon 40 mm pancake lens and 85 mm prime lens.

Lastly, would like to mention about my family. My family inspires me a lot. They keep asking “Its been so long and we have not seen your clicks, where are you going next to take pictures.” 🙂