Chhoti chhoti khushiyaan

Hexagonal Oil Bowl

This small hexagonal bowl was given to our naani as a gift at the time of her wedding. She, then, gave this to our mum at the time of her wedding. Mum didn’t know what to do with it and started keeping oil in it to massage bhaiya when he was born. It was not in use ever since. Now, this is being used by Bunny’s naani (our mum) for the same purpose. We (darling sister and I) were not fortunate enough to meet our naani but she has been alive in our memories through the stories we have grown listening to. Believe me when I say we are extremely possessive about her and anything even remotely related to her.

My journey into Photography

World Photography Day. [Kashyapnimisha]

World Photography Day. [Kashyapnimisha]
How many of you remember the first time you clicked a photo? Clicking photos in “Auto” mode and falling in love with each image captured is the first phase of photography and I am sure everyone must have gone through this phase. I started photography with my mobile phone (Nokia C5-03). I used to love all the photos clicked from that phone. Next, I switched to Apple’s iPhone 5C. Switching from a Symbian 5 MP camera to an iOS 8 MP camera, with other differences including resolution, display, and other things, was a great change.

My photography life was going good with mobile photography. People around me would ask me to take pictures that would make me feel proud. And then one day my company decided to send me to Cambridge, UK for 3 weeks. I was excited but my teammate, who was also going with me, said “Buy a DSLR, Cambridge is a beautiful place and you will regret clicking it with your phone”. I, anyway, wanted to buy a DSLR but never knew which one and what should I buy. All thanks to that teammate of mine who helped me in gaining knowledge about DSLR, how to hold a DSLR, where to focus, what to click.

The moment I disclosed the news of buying a DSLR to my parents, their first reaction was “such an expensive camera”. And then the questions followed – what will you do with a DSLR, buy a point and shoot camera, come home we will buy you a nice and cheap camera. But somehow I managed to convince them for an expensive camera. But trust me, my Canon 700D was cheaper than my iPhone.

Anyway, my experiment with a DSLR started 4 years ago in Cambridge, UK in “Auto” mode. I am still learning and trying to get better each day. But now, I rarely click in Auto mode.

Do share your journey in photography with me in the comment below.


Pancake is not an Indian dish. But then who doesn’t love Pancakes? First time i had Pancakes in a cafe in Bangalore in 2016. And i would find the recipe too difficult to try at home. But in this pandemic, when eating outside means inviting the virus, one has to try everything at home and be satisfied with that. Last thursday i was home alone and wanted to pamper myself. So i prepared my favourite Pancake. Generally i prefer oats pancake but this time i tried white flour. Below is the image of the Pancake i made, if you find interesting then scroll down to see the recipe.

An oversized Pancake by Kashyapnimisha

Time to prepare: 40 mins


  1. White flour – 3 tbsp
  2. Egg – 1
  3. Milk – 1 cup
  4. Baking Powder – 1/2 tbsp
  5. Baking Soda – 1/4 tbsp
  6. Oil – 1 tbsp

How to prepare:

  1. Take a bowl, add egg and milk in it and whisk nicely.
  2. Now add sieved white flour (to avoid any lumps), baking powder and baking soda in it.
  3. Mix it well and keep it aside for 30 mins.
  4. Take a pan, put some oil in it and pour the batter.
  5. Pour the batter as per the size you want.
  6. Cover the pan with a lid.
  7. When one side is done, turn the pancake to the other side and this time do not cover the pan.
  8. When both sides are done, take it out in a plate.
  9. Serve it with fruits, maple syrup, honey, caramelized banana.


  1. I have not added sugar in the pancake. But if you want to add sugar, use powdered sugar.
  2. Or you can have powdered sugar sprinkled on top of Pancake.

Do let me know in the comment how did you like the recipe and if you tried.

Next Monday i’ll be back with a new recipe. 🙂

New sketch book


So far I’ve been using passport size notebook for mandala art. And thats pretty small. Gifted myself an A4 size sketch book so that I get more space for mandala.
Here is my first attempt on an A4 size sketch book.